About Us

Worldwide leaders in reducing pallet racking damage.

Rack Armour Ltd started in early 2004 with one simple task, to reduce pallet racking damage and to create a safer working environment for those in and around warehouses.

After 10 years we’ve gone on to sell our products in over 130 Countries, manufacture on 3 continents and eliminate the need for countless racking repairs and fatalities, some would say that’s mission accomplished? We say it’s only the start…

Rack Armour Ltd’s vision and dedication saw its first product, the Rack Armour upright protector be an instant hit. A pioneering blend of a hard wearing plastic outer shell and impact diffusing foam inner saw Rack Armour catch the eye of the industry’s biggest FMCG companies whom still use the product to this day.

Since then Rack Armour Ltd have gone on to develop and continue to develop pioneering products that create a safer working environment for employees whilst reducing costs for employers.