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The number one pallet racking protection product in the world.

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Rack Armour’s innovative design and functionality has revolutionised pallet racking protection and the way it should perform forever…

With proven cost savings of up to 80% in the world’s largest retail companies, Rack Armour is an attractive proposition for any warehouse with pallet racking, but before you make any decisions let’s tell you how Rack Armour works and the immediate benefits of installing the guard…

Colour/Detection: Rack Armour’s colour is of immense importance, it creates a focal point for drivers of mechanical handling equipment and gives them a definitive indicator of their safe working limitations. Rack Armour comes as a standard hi-visibility yellow, but is also available in a green and red colours for one way systems or to highlight fire equipment and first aid areas.

Tough Outer Shell: Rack Armour’s outer shell is made from an exceptionally resilient and hard wearing plastic designed to take high velocity impacts. The shape of the shell was designed to repel and deflect impacts away from the upright, in turn reducing damage significantly.

Impact Diffusing Foam Interior: Something that sets Rack Armour apart from its competition is its closed cell foam interior. Acting as a cushion between the racking and the plastic shell, the specialist foam diffuses impact energy and diverts the kinetic energy away from the racking upright, saving you money and time on a replacement leg.

Extended Size: Rack Armour comes as standard at 600mm high, this area was proven in extensive testing to receive the brunt of all impacts from mechanical handling equipment. The guard comes in 3 varieties which together accommodate all racking sizes and types.

Ease of installation: Thanks to Rack Armour’s unique shape, the guard can easily be installed by hand on any racking type, this enables Rack Armour to be fitted in seconds without the use of power tools and drilling needless holes into your warehouse floor. Rack Armour is also the first and only plastic protector product on the market that’s fitted by hand which doesn’t disengage the racking from everyday pallet retrieval operations. This is something that sets us apart from any other product on the market today.

Zero floor damage: Often metal systems are drilled to the concrete which in turn takes the brunt of every impact the guard takes, the impact energy disperses to the floor and the fixings. This often leaves the floor crumbling and weak. Rack Armour requires no fixtures or fittings, it simply clips onto your upright giving you peace of mind that your floor and racking is in good hands.

Green product: Totally recyclable, Rack Armour upright protectors are up to 7 times lighter than most metal protection systems on the market, it’s also proven to fit 16 times more units on a standard UK pallet, further reducing your transport cost and emissions.

Rack Armour Upright Protector Testing

The Rack Armour upright protector was subject to 1000’s of hours of design and testing before the final model was completed and perfected. The guard has been subject to the most stringent and vigorous of testing to ensure it complies with all European legislation including FEM 10.2.02.

FEM is the most internationally recognised and one of the most up to date (having been updated in 2001) of all testing standards. Rack Armour has met and exceeded the requirements of this standard for both front and side impacts, which was certified by experts at an independent industry leading engineering organisation. If you would like to see this document please feel free to ask!

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